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                         Albert Einstein

 For the past 25 years I've worked as a professional photographer and director of photography all over the world and worked with companies like Yamaha WaterCraft, Toyota, Stella Artois, FPL, Nike, Adidas, Samsung, Red Cross, Taylor Made, Uniqlo, Anitta, White Claw, Corona, McDonald's, Jeep, Fenty Puma, Disney, Ford, Hugo Boss, Don Q, Coach, Pandora, ADT, Heinz, Fram, Mina Baie, SoDanca, Morgan Stanley, XXio golf, Seiko, Auto Nation, Pepsi, Nationwide,  Ciroc, Paramount,  Hornitos Tequila, Hyundai, BudLight, Nascar, American Tourister, and many more local businesses. I specialize in creating beautiful and impactful images for advertising agencies, documentaries, design firms, corporate firms, commercial and industrial corporations. 

My vast knowledge of working on the water and being an avid waterman makes me very comfortable around the ocean and the marine life. My experience in action photography, fashion, product , and corporate makes me able to produce images that focus attention to the creative details of any product.

                                            Bernardo Nogueira.

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